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Brian Smale

Satya Nadella is the new CEO of Microsoft.  This week I had the pleasure of taking his photograph for the announcement. 
So, this is kind of a 3-page New Years card. Definitely better viewed in print, than on the webernet, 
If you didn’t get one, it’s probably because I didn’t have your mailing address.  We’re doing our best to keep the post office alive this year!
Happy 2014!
-Brian, Shelley, Calvin, Charlotte, & Mabel.
Portrait of Brad Anderson, from a series for Microsoft stories.
Michael Skinner, a professor at Washington State University, Pullman, and winner of a 2013 Smithsonian Ingenuity Award.  Inspired by Darwin’s research with finches, Skinner discovered that genetic damage can be passed down to one’s descendants.   Photographed at WSU Pullman. 
More from a series of portrait of Andrew Kim, for Microsoft Stories.
Claude van Damme may look good doing the splits between a couple of Volvos, … but let’s see him try that trick between a couple of Mustangs, while playing the fiddle!
Yogi Baird, The Texas Twister.  For Texas Monthly… some time ago.
Andrew Kim is a designer at Microsoft, X-Box.  Photographed for Microsoft Stories.  
Waiting for the big one!  Surfing in Santa Cruz.
Recently shot an ad for, an advertising data company.  My friend Kurt Reifschneider was the CD.  This wasn’t the final selection for the ad, but I think this one is a bit funnier. 
Sunset  Moonrise somewhere in Eastern Washington.